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Streetbees Shares: 'Can you use ChatGPT to chat to your consumers? Here's what we've learnt.'


While your ears might be ringing with the term ChatGPT, the excitement surrounding it shows no signs of slowing down and for good reason. Although this type of AI is nothing new, the abilities of large language models like ChatGPT have grown a thousand-fold since 2019.

Your business might already be using this technology in areas like supply chain management, operations and innovation, but what about consumer research? 

At Streetbees, we’re running a series of experiments to understand how ChatGPT can be used to make consumer research faster, cheaper and more accessible.


Catch up on this webinar where Streetbees Chief Product & Technology Officer, Sean O’Connell, and Strategic Insights Lead, Derya Guvenc share everything we’ve learnt so far, including:

  • Where ChatGPT can be incorporated into the research process
  • How it compares to traditional approaches in areas like survey design, data collection and data analysis
  • How it impacts the survey experience from a consumer's perspective 
  • How it performs in areas like reporting and strategic recommendations 

Watch now on-demand to get up to speed on the latest experiments in consumer research and come away with exclusive learnings about the exciting implications of ChatGPT. 


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