REPORT, September 2022

‘The Lipstick Effect’: Which categories are winning or losing in the cost of living crisis? [Spotlight on Food and Snack]


What's thriving or surviving in the Food and Snack category?


During COVID,we saw a general shift in consumer behaviour, as the world went into lockdown. However, during the cost of living crisis, consumers are behaving in very different ways, depending on their lifestyle and their outlook. 


Need to know what this means for your brand and how you can harness these behaviours to protect your market share? Read our food and snack report to learn: 


  • What’s happening in the category and how this has changed

  • What coping mechanisms consumers are adopting and why

  • Where consumers are cutting/prioritising spend

  • If consumers are trading up or down and why

  • What opportunities you can leverage for your brand

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