From Grooming to Male Beautification: What do Men Want?


There's a huge opportunity for the male grooming industry in 2021.

Why? For two reasons:

1. A boom in personal care and hygiene product usage, catalyzed by COVID-19

2. The changing definitions of masculinity have enabled brands to market to men in radically new ways. 

These factors combined paved the way for 5 very interesting trends in men's personal care in 2021.

Catch up on Streetbees' dynamic webinar exploring men's beauty needs from basic grooming to advanced skincare, haircare, and makeup based on insights powered by our Human Intelligence Platform.

You will leave this webinar:

  • Understanding the skinification trend for hair-conscious men
  • Able to identify men who are more likely to adopt beauty supplements and personalized premium vitamins
  • Knowing men's’ attitudes towards aging and grooming
  • Ready to uncover the drivers behind male cosmetic purchases

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Steph Money

Strategic Insights Lead, Streetbees

Dario Mancini

Research Manager, Streetbees


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