GreenBook IIEX Forward 2021

From Insight to Foresight: How to drive growth using behavioural predictions


Human Behaviour is driven by emotion, motivation and context. So being able to track that is a key factor in predicting how people will act in the future.

Vast amounts of unstructured data will pick up on these behavioural insights, but how do you utilise that to plan your future strategy?

Catch up on Streebees' session at GreenBook IIEX Forward in which our leading thought experts on consumer behaviour discuss how to:

  • Shift your working mindset from consumer insights to human foresight
  • Gain real-time insight into behavioural drivers and how to influence them in the future
  • Use foresight to identify previously hidden demand spaces and expose niche markets

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Brian Hackett

Global Strategy Director, Streetbees

Conan McMurtrie

Head of Machine Learning, Streetbees


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