Panel Discussion

Let's get fizzical' - How to meet the rising demand for functional beverages

Have you started paying more attention to what you eat and drink? If so, you're not alone. 2 in 5 consumers claim they're healthier now than before the pandemic, and the importance they place on maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet has increased over the past 12 months.
Ultimately we're all becoming more sophisticated in our understanding of the way our diet impacts our mind and body. As a result, we're actively seeking out beverages that offer us the right benefits at the right time.
Join us to learn how to position your brand to better meet this growing need for functional beverages. All with in-the-moment insights from consumers' own words.
You'll leave the session knowing: 
  • Why consumers are seeking out functional beverages
  • Which functional beverages appeal most and why
  • Which functional benefits resonate with today's consumers
  • Which consumption occasions these functional beverages win in
  • What the opportunities are for your brand to play here

Ella Savill

Research Executive, Streetbees

Joshua Montague Fuller

Research Manager, Streetbees


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