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Gin-sights: The post-pandemic trends driving the alcohol market


Ready to drink. Low/no alcohol. Premium spirits. 4000 types of gin. Kobrewcha. The alcohol landscape has shifted dramatically. Drinkers are experimenting more than ever, and the experience is as important as the taste.


Actually, for alcohol brands trying to ride the wave of new trends, it’s time to take a step back. Forget the trend. What’s the need that started it in the first place? And how has a focus on personalisation changed the market for good?


Streetbees talks to consumers at the moment they pour, mix and enjoy their drink - and unveils how they’re feeling and why. In this webinar, Adam Curtis looks at some of the prevailing trends in alcohol and uncovers the needs that alcohol brands must meet to find new growth opportunities. He covers: 

  • The post-pandemic on-trade offers huge opportunities for spirit brands
  • The emergence of the “home premise” has led to a new breed of experiential drinking at home
  • Brands can understand the true moments of consumption - wherever they take place - to make sure they deliver the right drink at the right time

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Adam Curtis

Executive Deployment Strategist, Streetbees


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