Cross-category health: how your CPG brand can harness the new holistic health trend


Have you become more aware of your physical and mental health recently? Are you more 'clued-up' on what your body needs? If so, you're not alone. Holistic health has become a hot topic.


In fact, 'to improve health' is the second biggest reason consumers are choosing to buy more of certain products during the cost of living crisis- second only to 'because it's essential/necessary'.


But how are consumers actually engaging with this trend in their daily lives, and what does this mean for your brand? We've captured thousands of in-the-moment useage and consumption occasions to find out.


In this report, you'll learn about four of the key behavioural dimensions within the holistic health trend: 


  • The rise of 'conscious' consumption

  • The growing shift for 'me, not we'

  • Where 'less is more' for consumers

  • Why consumers are making more purposeful choices 

Against this backdrop, you'll get actionable advice on how to:


  • Frame your CPG products to connect these emerging habits and attitudes

  • Grow your market share in these consumption occasions

  • Pivot your short and long-term strategy to meet these behavioural changes

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