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Streetbees Shares: 'How to activate demand spaces across your organisation'


The key to answering your burning business questions is to ask the right questions of your consumers.
Many believe that demographic factors and aspirations are enough to determine what consumers want and need. But only 25% of our everyday choices are determined by this. The other 75% are driven by our immediate emotions and context.
So, the key to answering your business questions lies in understanding not only your audience and your brand and products, but also the occasion of use or consumption.
Demand spaces are the intersection of these three elements. But how can they be activated across your organisation to give you the answers you need?
In this webinar, you’ll learn how demand spaces can be used to power communications, innovation, customer development and portfolio growth.
You’ll leave the session with actionable insights you can take back to your teams and a clear blueprint for your demand space activations.
Watch it now to find out:
  •  How you can leverage demand spaces more effectively
  • Which business questions demand spaces are best suited to answer
  • How you can activate demand spaces across your R&D, NPD, marketing, trade and brand teams
  • How you can overcome demand space usage barriers
  • How other businesses like yours use demand spaces to inform their decisions



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