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In-the-moment research: why a lizard is a researcher’s best friend


Asking consumers to remember things seems a pretty reasonable ask. But, really, how accurate is it? How honest? Are they recalling correctly? Or are they finessing the details to look like a better, more rational person?


If so, they’re not alone. They’re using that pesky monkey brain that insists on rationalizing decisions after the fact. The part of the brain that’s been leading consumers brands astray since the dawn of research.


For brands trying to make decisions based on reality, it’s the lizard brain we need to access. That ancient part of the brain that actually makes the decisions – instinctually and emotionally.


In this webinar, Tim Benner of Streetbees talked about why brands need to reevaluate the way they listen to consumers to really uncover the drivers of decision-making. Watch on-demand now to learn how: 

  • Talking to consumers in the moment can reveal hidden motivators.
  • Listening to consumers in their own words is key to identifying new growth opportunities.
  • AI can bridge the gap between qualitative and quantitative approaches.
  • All of this will put you ahead of your competitors.

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Tim Benner

Director of Client Solutions, Streetbees


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