Indulge me: How to target mid-morning snacking in the moment.


Despite take-up of the vaccine and the easing of restrictions, many of us are not rushing back to the office. As a result, our kitchens and cupboards are now in touching distance throughout the day and snacking occasions, particularly in the morning, have seen huge growth in the last six months. 


This, combined with the whirlwind of emotions we’ve all experienced over the past two years, has many of us reaching for things that make us feel better. If you’ve found yourself craving more indulgent snacks, you’re not alone. 56% of consumers have been purchasing and eating comfort food more regularly since COVID-19 hit and our in-the-moment research suggests this will continue in 2022. 


Backed by five behavioural shifts we’ve identified in consumption occasions, download this report to learn:


  • Why and when consumers are turning to more indulgent snacks
  • Why the mid-morning occasion is rising in the world of snacking
  • Which snacks consumers are craving and why
  • What’s driving this shift towards indulgence 
  • How you can grow your offering in the indulgent snack space
  • What occasions you should play in and how you can win there


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