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Indulge me: how to target mid-morning snacking in the moment


It’s past breakfast time. You look up at the clock - ugh. Lunch is still over an hour away. You need a pick-me-up; a moment of joy to fill the void. Time to pop to the shop. Hmm. What cheeky snack is justifiable before lunch?

Sound relatable? Consciously or subconsciously, we’ve all been there: searching for permissible reasons to indulge ourselves in-between breakfast and lunch. And due to the post-pandemic rise in remote working, cravings are on the up.

Register to join Streetbees to learn how to position your snacks so they are top of consumers minds mid-morning, using the in-the-moment methodology. 

Backed by real-life video moments sent in by our global community, you’ll leave the session with an understanding of:

  • Why consumers have new permissible reasons to indulge mid-morning
  • Which mid-morning snacks consumers are craving, and why
  • What functional benefits of mid-morning snacking resonate with consumers
  • New choice drivers and why they’re getting more indulgent
  • Varying consumer definitions of indulgence by market - and how you can tailor this into your messaging


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Bethany Martin

Executive Deployment Strategist, Streetbees

Hywel Davies

Associate Deployment Strategist, Streetbees


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