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‘Lager’ than life: 2022 beer growth opportunities


The global zeitgeist has changed the way people consume beer. As drinkers return to on-premise, they are craving connection.

Today, big beer brands are losing to new categories like seltzers and RTDs. To win back market share, brands must consider the fact that drinking beer has become a more mindful purchase. It  must deliver against new emotional, values-driven and health-related needs. 

Within this framework, we'll uncover where growth opportunities lie for beer brands in 2022.

Backed by fresh in-the-moment beer insights, we’ll cover:

  • What human ‘connections’ look like in in beer moments, and ways to build more of them
  • How to tap into shifting emotions and values driving new in-the-moment beer choices 
  • What’s causing the shift towards more conscious purchase drivers, like shopping for beer locally 
  • Which functional benefits in low/no beers resonate with consumers, and how to highlight them


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Adam Curtis

Executive Deployment Strategist, Streetbees

Katie Tinning

Strategic Insights Lead, Streetbees


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