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Lifting the lid on beverage behaviour: The at-home and on-the-go trends reshaping the drinks sector


Like everything else in the past 18 months, beverage drinking habits changed dramatically.

Consumers didn't stop drinking, they just changed how they did it. One in three of the consumers we asked bought a coffee machine while half said they tried something new. There's an opportunity for innovation from drinks brands! 

The time has come to understand the new beverage landscape. In this webinar, we lifted the lid on emerging consumer behaviour in the beverage market, answering:

  • Which alternatives to on-to-go drinks were most popular during lockdown - and which are here to stay?
  • How are people spending their money on drinks now - and what upsell opportunities do brands have available to them?
  • How are new working patterns impacting drinks behaviour?

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Tim Benner

Director of Client Solutions, Streetbees


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