REPORT, November 2022

‘The Lipstick Effect’ [Winter Edition]: How are category preferences evolving?

While some CPG categories are struggling during the cost of living crisis, others are thriving. This is the foundation of the ‘lipstick effect’ concept. Affordable luxuries, like lipstick, seem to be recession-proof, while others take the hit.

In our first edition of ‘The Lipstick Effect’, we uncovered which categories were winning or losing in the summer months. In this winter edition, we take a look at how this has evolved with the shift of seasons and what you can learn from the categories that are thriving right now.


This report features insights from our Cost of Living Monitor for food, beverage, alcohol, beauty and personal care categories.


Download it now to find out:

  • What’s happening in each category and how this has evolved
  • What coping mechanisms consumers are adopting
  • Where consumers are cutting/prioritising spend and why
  • If consumers are trading between categories and why
  • What this means for your brand
  • What you can learn from the top performers


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