In-the-moment research

Why the lizard is a researcher's best friend


Brands that make decisions based on consumers’ claimed behaviour are at risk.
Human memory is unreliable. The way we recall the past - to others and ourselves
- depends wildly on our current situation.


In neuroscience, the cognitive capacity to rationalise our decisions after making them

is called the ‘monkey brain’. And, it’s led consumer brands astray since the dawn of market research.


To make business decisions based on what’s REALLY driving consumer behaviour,
brands need to access the ‘lizard brain’. That ancient, pre-literate part of our brains
that makes decisions in the moment, based on pure emotional instinct.


In this report, you’ll learn how to tap into consumers’ lizard brains. Or, in other
words, how to use in-the-moment research methods to uncover the true,
unfiltered drivers of consumer decision-making.


  • Talking to consumers in the moment can reveal hidden motivators.
  • Listening to consumers in their own words is key to identifying new growth opportunities.
  • AI can bridge the gap between qualitative and quantitative approaches.
  • All of this will put you ahead of your competitors.

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Lizard report