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Saving Face: How beauty brands can rise to the sustainability challenge


Your beauty brand almost certainly has a stance on sustainability. It’s pretty much compulsory these days. But what does sustainability mean to consumers? Less packaging? Vegan? Organic? Ethically sourced? And regardless of definition, how much do consumers really care? Few people, no matter how principled, will put up with a face full of spots because their toner was labelled “plant-based”. 

It’s a challenge, but it’s one that can be eased by getting closer to the consumer and understanding what really matters to them at the point of purchase - and usage. In this session, our beauty and personal care expert sheds light on:

  • How to drive growth by addressing the sustainability issues that really matter to your market
  • The beauty products that consumers are ready to ditch for sustainability crimes
  • How tapping into consumers’ true behaviour can deliver competitive advantage

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Steph Money

Executive Strategic Director, Streetbees


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