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Snacking in Limbo: How low can you go?


Fancy a cheeky chocolate bar? Increasingly, the answer to that question might be “no, thanks”. The existing trend towards healthier snacking accelerated during the pandemic, with half of consumers reporting changes to their health and wellbeing behaviours. 


When it comes to snacking, however, the story is more nuanced; snacking is an emotional and indulgent category where, despite good intentions, hunger and cravings tend to win out in the moment of consumption. And that’s before we get to the astonishing differences between markets!


Snacking brands need to understand what consumers really mean by “healthy” to tap into the occasions where they can win. In this webinar Vatsala Rathore brings us on a journey to help us address the key tension; wanting to eat healthily but staving the guilt of indulgent snacking. Vatsala:

  • Identifies the different dimensions of health, uncover the ‘adult snacking’ segment, to prevent decline of existing products
  • Highlights how healthy eating demand spaces are growing, and how to win in them
  • Discusses how to narrow (or take advantage of) the say-do gap to keep your products top of mind during the occasions that matter. 

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Vatsala Rathore

Strategic Insights and Account Lead, Streetbees


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