REPORT, September 2022

Staying in or going out’: What activities are consumers prioritising during the cost of living crisis?

Preferences for in-home and out-of-home activities are evolving. 

It isn't enough to know what CPG products consumers are prioritising or cutting right now. 
You need to understand the where, the when, the why to ensure your brands are present at the right moment.

To help you identify the occasions you can win in, Streetbees will share the latest insights into in-home and out-of-home activities and how this impacting the food, beverage, alcohol, beauty and personal care categories.

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  • How consumers are balancing in-home vs. out-of-home
  • What activities they’re prioritising or cutting and why
  • How you can reach consumers in these moments
  • How these behaviours compare to COVID shifts
  • What this means for your brand and category
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