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The birds & the bees: Has post-pandemic dating changed consumer choices for good?


First dates. Love them or hate them, they’re a big deal. But like everything else, the pandemic changed them. And some of those changes are here to stay. Are the days of coffee dates and slightly-awkward, almost-romantic dinners gone for good?


Not quite. But 63% of daters have told us they will keep up some of the love life changes that the pandemic introduced. What does that mean for consumers goods companies for whom the old ways were working rather well? And what opportunities are there to grow in this brave new dating world?

We’ve checked in with thousands of daters around the world. Catch up on our webinar where we shared our findings and highlighted how:

  • New dating patterns provide opportunities for food and beverage brands
  • Getting ready for dates in this new era is opening doors (and closing a few) for beauty products
  • The balance between the on and off-trade is shifting priorities for alcohol brands. 


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Zehra Odunayo

Strategic Client Partner, Streetbees


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