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The condiment conundrum: what’s next for sauce and spice?


With more people cooking from scratch at home during and since the pandemic, how have tastes changed? Are consumers more adventurous with their tastes? How are they using condiments to elevate their meals?

With the global condiments market projected to exceed $12 billion in 2021, there's plenty of opportunity. But where, exactly. Plant-based? Exotic spices? Low salt? Or precisely replicating their favourite chain restaurant experience?

In this webinar, we'll investigate what's really driving consumer demand and where the best growth opportunities lie. Join as we ask:

  • How are fakeaways pushing consumers towards new flavours?
  • Which flavour profiles are set to take off next?
  • What are the occasions that send consumers in search of a new drizzle of dip?

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Bethany Martin

Executive Deployment Strategist, Streetbees


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