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The next 'say-do' gap: How will perceptions of AI change the way consumers behave


There’s a lot of content out there right now looking at the ways in which AI is impacting businesses. But what about consumers? Beyond “X% feel concerned” and “X% feel excited”, what do we really know about the extent to which AI will change consumer behaviour? Is there a gap between what consumers say or feel about AI and what they actually do with it in their day-to-day lives?


On the 24th October our Strategic Insights experts Craig and Sam were joined by Royce Yahya, Senior Manager of Global Insights at LEGO to discus quantitative and qualitative insights on this topic, which were collected from our community of consumers using our insights co-pilot, SBX.


To help you drive your AI initiatives with consumers in mind, these insights explore: 

  • The extent to which consumers know they’re already using AI in their everyday lives
  • Where they see the presence of AI increasing in their lives moving forward
  • The impact of AI on their perceptions of a product/service and their resulting behaviours 


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