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The Past, The Present & The Possible: 2024 Customer Trends


What a year. In the last 12 months, global temperatures shattered records. War and natural disasters plagued our planet. Developments in AI sparked anticipation and apprehension.


These events, along with the many more we experienced in 2023, had an influence on the way we live our lives - on the way we think, the way we feel or the way we behave.


The relationship between these influences and the people who encounter them isn’t exclusive. Brands have an important role to play in this equation, whether it’s supporting movements, sharing information, driving innovation or creating opportunity.


While it’s impossible to predict all of the influences your customers will encounter in 2024, we’ve analysed several of our data sets to identify the trends that are likely to shape the landscape next year, so you can continue to play a meaningful and relevant role in your customers’ lives. Here's what we found: 


💡 'Where is the love?' - Following a year of instability, we're seeing a rise in people looking to re-introduce a sense of stability to their lives. 

💡 'I did it my way' - This is all to do with a quiet rebellion we're seeing against hustle culture and the growing concept of 'personal truth'. 

💡 'Just the two of us' - We are entering an era of fandom, where 'extreme' fan behaviours are increasingly normalised. 

💡 'Virtual insanity' -  With the recent acceleration in innovation, people are feeling that technology is happening to them, not for them and are seeking more control of their relationship with technology. 


Download the whitepaper today to learn about these trends and how your brand can harness them to grow in 2024.


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