WHITEPAPER, November 2023

'The mundane vs. the humane’: How are perceptions of AI impacting consumer usage behaviours?


There’s a lot of content out there right now looking at the ways in which AI is impacting businesses. But what about consumers? Beyond “X% feel concerned” and “X% feel excited”, what do we really know about the extent to which AI will change consumer behaviour? Is there a gap between what consumers say or feel about AI and what they actually do with it in their day-to-day lives?


In this whitepaper, Streetbees shares fresh quantitative and qualitative insights on the topic, which have been collected from its community of consumers using its new AI-powered tool, SBX. 


To help you drive your AI initiatives with consumers in mind, the insights in this whitepaper explore:

  • The extent to which consumers know they're using AI in their everyday lives
  • Where they see the presence of AI increasing in their lives moving forward
  • The impact of AI on their attitudes and behaviours towards products and services
  • Perceptions around the 'mundane' and the 'humane' in relation to AI
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